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Overview of “Gratzeez” – Mobile Tip Payment App

Overview of “Gratzeez” – Mobile Tip Payment App


Breaking News: GratZeez tipping app is now live on iTunes App Store, and GooglePlay!

GratZeez is a mobile payment app that creatively uses wearable tech to enable instant recognition of service provider, thereby creating a completely frictionless solution to give and receive tips.

There are different ways to send and receive money within the GratZeezapp. Following 2 are the examples of unique, frictionless approach.

  • Use of “CUE” wearable device that GratZeez’s solution automatically detects
  • Scan a user’s unique QR code within the app


It’s Uber easy… If you are someone who makes a living earning tips, download GratZeez app, sign up as a service provider, and get a wearable device that we call, “CUE.” This device, in the form of a small button, allows for anyone who has the GratZeez app on their phone to instantly recognize you. It prompts them to tip you, rate your service and leave a comment. Rather than counting on your customers to carry cash (33M Americans do not carry cash at all)GratZeez’s solution empower them to reward you effortlessly, just by being in their presence, increasing your opportunities to make more money, a lot more often.

Within the app, you have the ability to search for someone to send them money, or you can use the QR code function within the app. This is actually a really cool aspect of the app. Each profile within the app is given a unique QR code, and one person with the app can scan the QR code of another person’s phone app, and then easily transfer money to that person with the push of a button.

One can also print this QR code and leave it for a customer to scan and send the money. This is especially useful for hotel housekeeping staff. Rather than leaving an envelope for cash tips, a hotel room attendant simply leaves a pre-printed card with their GratZeez QR code in each room that they service, and all the hotel guest has to do is scan the QR code with their app. Then, they are prompted to tip, rate and comment on the room attendant’s service; giving them the reassurance that   their tip is received by the person they intended to give it to.

QR Code

Payments are delivered directly to service provider’s account. The transaction is completely secure, and GratZeez retains no personal account information for any of its users.

Try GratZeez today! It’s a free and easy way to send money to everyone you knows. Give & BeHappy!

Download on iTunes or GooglePlay.

iTunes App Store   Google Playstore

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