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If you miss this, you will surely end up in “paying with cash” next time

If you miss this, you will surely end up in “paying with cash” next time

Everything and anything through mobile….How it sounds like? Yes, definitely this is going or has already proved to be good enough in case of payments without cash.

Are you already going cashless?

Right now, the industry pioneer in these sorts of mobile apps is Google, which has presented Google Wallet. In any case, it is likely that Gratzeez has entered this business sector also. Gratzeez has found to be the one of the best mobile payment tip apps. Have you ever thought why the mobile payment apps are now being used widely everywhere especially in US? It is clearly understood that people are no more comfortable in using cash transfers due to many reasons. If you are a person who says “cash transfer is best”, here are some disadvantages of paying money.

best mobile payment tip app

  1. You’ll miss the comfort of applications that naturally track your spending.

In the event that you utilize an application to help you watch your financial plan and spending, you’ll need to enter money consumptions by hand.

  1. Your buys won’t be secured by extra customer protection from credit card organizations.

Most Visa organizations shield you from extortion and offer guarantees against items that end up being lemons—insurance you won’t enjoy when you pay money.

  1. You can’t get a refund for stolen money.

In the event that somebody takes your card and makes a pack of deceitful buys, the bank will recover your cash the length of you take after its reporting forms. In the event that your money is stolen, however, wave farewell.

  1. Some traders require charge cards.

A few vendors, for example, inns and auto rentals, require a Visa card to secure the administration.

  1. Automatic options of payments might be constrained.

Numerous programmed payment choices are connected to a credit or Mastercard.

  1. Not able to pay tip…no issues give tips by mobile

If you got a service from a restaurant and you may forget to pay a tip or you won’t be able to pay a tip since you don’t have money. This can be a bitter experience. Such situations can be avoided if you have a mobile payment app with you as you will never forget to carry your mobile wherever you go.

You will be now aware of many cons of payment only by cash. But are you aware of the advantages of using payment apps for various reasons?

Here it goes……

1) Security

The technology being utilized to introduce a cashless age can possibly offer security advantages to its clients:

  • It’s easy to close down an advanced wallet remotely if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Your app sign in is yours and yours alone, and in this way difficult to duplicate.

2) Comfort

A cashless framework could be advantageous for clients who like to consolidate different capacities onto one handheld gadget:

  • It wipes out the need to convey money or plastic.
  • Digital payments can be made with a tap or wave of a cell phone, contingent upon the innovation utilized.
  • It would make it less demanding to acquire cash through loan or even from friends.

3) Give tips by mobile

This can be greatest advantage in the hospitality industry. Mobile tip payments apps allow its users to show their gratitude for service through provide tip just a click away on mobile phones. Wow…this sound great, isn’t it? This will be very useful if you don’t carry money with you every time you move out.

4)         Increase rate of tracking clients

Clients like speedy administration, particularly when paying since that is regularly their slightest most loved part of the shopping or restaurants. By using best mobile payment tip app, it is also possible to track clients in your area of service and offer them a good one.

5)         Integrate and build motivation programs.

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing a mobile payment app is the capacity to coordinate dedication and impetus programs into the mobile payment applications.

Will GratZeez be an evolution in the service industry? – An interview with Dr. Raj Patel

Will GratZeez be an evolution in the service industry? – An interview with Dr. Raj Patel

As technology keeps on expanding the pace of our everyday lives, money related exchanges will be compelled to end up more flexible. GratZeeZ could use every detail of such enterprise solution in an undeniably mobile and on-the-go world, by introducing a mobile fintech technology payment app, with simple and instinctive close field innovation capacity that permits you to discover whom you wish to tip, and flawlessly suited for secure exchanges regardless of where you happen to work together that day.

Listen to interview with Dr. Raj Patel, CEO of GratZeez, Inc, (an app for easy tipping on a person to person stage (P2P) that is turning into the best distinct option for tipping without utilizing money, with social respectability where tip has truly gone as an advanced tool) to know how it turned out to be a successful one.

How the idea of tipping via app, “GratZeez” came into mind?

“Tipping has always been a part of every country’s culture. I do travel a lot and travelling to other places definitely requires staying at hotels and I had faced the problem of tipping, where I had only debit cards to exchange money and the person who suffers from that would be, say, the room keeper or the server at the restaurant. This led me to initiate GratZeez, to show gratitude to the person who deserves a tip. Never leave a place without giving gratuity if you have received a good service from them as it is the way of appreciation.”

Gratzeez Tipping App

Is there any possibility of fake users?

It’s completely up to each person whether to reward for the service through our wallets. Giving gratuity is a way of sharing and sharing is always caring, thus, a server in a restaurant or a personal groomer likes hairstylists, or hotel hospitality server or valets who treat your vehicle with care deserve to receive a tip from you. But we ensure the person to be authenticated. We authenticate about the genuine nature of user for a smooth service by comparing the credentials provided to those in the authentication server. If the user is found genuine, he will be granted authorization of access.”

How can it be useful in terms of gratuity tracking?

“Data analytics can be helpful whether it is in the hands of an employee, a business, or the client. For the server who gets gratuities, a combined database of gratuities received and where they originated from can distinguish good working environments, effective strategies, and loyal clients to give that touch of additional consideration and care. Live and instant feedback can be reviewed by the Managers and the quality of service cannot be compromised at any cost. GratZeez can be utilized to find the spots with the best service through the GPS”.

Is GratZeez a beneficial app for business owners?

“Business owners can be more beneficial to know their business insights to improve. For instance, if there is an issue in a particular room in a hotel, the specific details of room including room number can be reviewed about the quality of service. Another component of our app is the opportunity to give a more customized experience to both the tipper and the administration supplier by bringing both together. Both have the alternative to put their names and pictures in the application, so rehash clients will have the capacity to request servers by name. This personalization of the administration business is simply one more way of bringing the cordiality business in future.

What are the other benefits of the tipping app?

“Tips have been a moderately unaltered staple of the administration business all through late history. “Unaltered” does not generally mean flawless, and there are a lot of opportunities to get better with regards to how tips are prepared. One of the main benefits of the Tipping App is to ‘share a note of appreciation’ or a review of their service, whether good or bad. Sharing a note if appreciation will be a boost for their career life or a bad review can be a stepping stone to improve their service. GratZeez proves to be a quite secured app even though it provides an option for sharing the review. The account holder details will never be exchanged in any circumstances without effort from the user. Comfort for the client is the ruler of the logic behind present day mechanical progression, and GratZeeZ grasps it with excitement. Account creation, monetary record interfacing, discovering the server, selecting a tip, and accepting assets are all encouraged through the fast, lightweight application.”

To treat and to greet is just like a give and take policy in the hospitality industry. Never miss any opportunity to show gratuity to a person who served you. It may come to you with more benefits in return.

Overview of “Gratzeez” – Mobile Tip Payment App

Overview of “Gratzeez” – Mobile Tip Payment App


Breaking News: GratZeez tipping app is now live on iTunes App Store, and GooglePlay!

GratZeez is a mobile payment app that creatively uses wearable tech to enable instant recognition of service provider, thereby creating a completely frictionless solution to give and receive tips.

There are different ways to send and receive money within the GratZeezapp. Following 2 are the examples of unique, frictionless approach.

  • Use of “CUE” wearable device that GratZeez’s solution automatically detects
  • Scan a user’s unique QR code within the app


It’s Uber easy… If you are someone who makes a living earning tips, download GratZeez app, sign up as a service provider, and get a wearable device that we call, “CUE.” This device, in the form of a small button, allows for anyone who has the GratZeez app on their phone to instantly recognize you. It prompts them to tip you, rate your service and leave a comment. Rather than counting on your customers to carry cash (33M Americans do not carry cash at all)GratZeez’s solution empower them to reward you effortlessly, just by being in their presence, increasing your opportunities to make more money, a lot more often.

Within the app, you have the ability to search for someone to send them money, or you can use the QR code function within the app. This is actually a really cool aspect of the app. Each profile within the app is given a unique QR code, and one person with the app can scan the QR code of another person’s phone app, and then easily transfer money to that person with the push of a button.

One can also print this QR code and leave it for a customer to scan and send the money. This is especially useful for hotel housekeeping staff. Rather than leaving an envelope for cash tips, a hotel room attendant simply leaves a pre-printed card with their GratZeez QR code in each room that they service, and all the hotel guest has to do is scan the QR code with their app. Then, they are prompted to tip, rate and comment on the room attendant’s service; giving them the reassurance that   their tip is received by the person they intended to give it to.

QR Code

Payments are delivered directly to service provider’s account. The transaction is completely secure, and GratZeez retains no personal account information for any of its users.

Try GratZeez today! It’s a free and easy way to send money to everyone you knows. Give & BeHappy!

Download on iTunes or GooglePlay.

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