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Useful tips for tipping in USA by Mobile Tipping App | GratZeez

Useful tips for tipping in USA by Mobile Tipping App | GratZeez

One of the imperative factors to remember is strong tipping culture in USA. You should take tipping in your account when you set up your budget for US trip. It’s a reality of life over here. But there is also some space to think that is it really needed to give a tip or not? And that’s depends on your satisfaction.

“Give a tip to anyone is not required, but it’s an appreciation for them to provide that better services..!”

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Every time you don’t have a plenty of cash in your wallet or purse to “TIPPING” someone, but as current days of digital life we have many ways like specific mobile tipping apps or inbuilt tip option of any services provider’s app and many more.

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Hire and Give Tip to House Painters wisely for Beautifying your Home

Hire and Give Tip to House Painters wisely for Beautifying your Home

There are many controversies on finding a right painter for your house and even tipping them if they deliver a good service or not. Even though tipping is accepted for some professions like restaurants and hotels, there exists a dilemma regarding this. i.e., should we give tip to house painter or not? So, let’s break this dilemma and find a solution regarding tipping a painter.  Tipping is an appreciation and a way to show gratitude for their time spent with us and for their good service. In order to receive a good service, it is quite important that we need to find a good painter.

Look at these important points to select a good painter for your house next time and to tip them.

  • Think about 2 or more contractors

It will be better to compare 2 or more contractors before you end up in one painting contractor. Browsing internet helps in finding more contractors and only thing to be noted is that don’t choose any one if they estimate a too good deal. Just check their time limit and quality by reviewing with others.
Tipping to Painter

  • Check License and Insurance

Contracting a painter without legal procedures may not be accurate for your needs. Vast scale temporary workers ought to have the capacity to give a declaration of insurance and any vital bonding, safety measures for workers. Tipping in USA has made easy with the launch of mobile payment apps that can be done with cashless transactions.

  • Check the reviews

Anyone can make up a fan club. Simply ask Twitter. Call references and check records with the business bureau before deciding a contractor.

  • Note down everything

Everyone will make you convinced about their good service. But it is important for you to get a written agreement about the work before starting. You and your temporary worker ought to draw up a composed contract including:

  • Details on planning and cleanup;
  • What is to be painted in what hues;
  • Start and end dates;
  • Daily begin and complete circumstances;
  • Any relevant guarantee;
  • When, how and how much the contractual worker will be paid.

Along with this you must have clear mindset regarding their tipping for good service too.

Do you tip your house painter?

Now that you have chosen a right house painter for your house. Isn’t it? Tipping in USA is as quite important as finding a right service provider. Let’s check when and how to tip a painter.

Sometimes workers will calculate cash assigned as tip for their painters into the general bill. In these cases, it’s not important to tip the painters. However, in the event that you want to be additional liberal, you may require a few rules on tipping your painters.

    • You might need to tip a painter for making a fabulous work or for painting the room faster. Painters help you by making your home more bright and engaging. If they have done the painting well without any splashes, then it’s reasonable for you to Give Tip to House Painter.

    • Usual rule is to offer 15% to 20% of the total occupation cost. This is standard over all jobs and is valid for painters too. In case you’re just going to tip very less, you should not tip by any means, as you may wind up in insulting the painter.

  • Another reason for tipping is to ensure the painters are comfortable while working. You can give them snacks and fruits for the day.


Complexities with Tipping

Even though, tipping a service provider is a good deed, some contractors will be against tipping their workers. So it is better for you to inquire as to whether it’s alright to tip them before they reject while offering the tip.

Have a better day with your house painted and never leave your service provider without appreciating.

Some of the facts you never knew about tipping after an Uber ride

Some of the facts you never knew about tipping after an Uber ride

In case you’re a general client of Uber taxicabs then you may have as of now saw the clumsy standoff that can happen toward the end of the ride. It can feel somewhat dreamlike to thank the driver, have him help you with your things from the trunk and after that leave with no cash evolving hands. This is obviously the process of the Uber system. Riders can enjoy a safe, comfortable ride notwithstanding when they may have forgotten to stop by the ATM before the trip. For every one of its preferences, be that as it may, this ‘money less’ taxi benefit presents one glaring issue. Would it be a good idea for you to give tip to Uber driver?

The question has many individuals feeling uneasy in light of their own conclusions of tipping society and the official organization position of the issue.

Regardless, Uber themselves express that they don’t oblige you to offer money tips to the driver.

Therefore, Uber encourages its drivers to decrease money tips as the entire payment process is directed are in the phone app itself. In any case, the firm does not preclude its drivers to acknowledge tips, if their traveler demands it.

Here are a few contemplations to consider while noting that exceptionally critical question: To tip, or not to tip?

  • More money for Uber drivers

The essential motivation with which Uber legitimizes their position on tipping is the unavoidable fact that their drivers are known to procure around $6 additional an hour on top of common cab drivers rates. In understanding to this, the organization claimsthat giving tip to Uber driversis unnecessary. Naturally, not all Uber drivers are happy about this course of action.

Give Tip to Driver

  • Uber drivers do win more cash in hourly rates than most other cabbies. In any case, when they’ve considered the general costs they have in the conveyance of their administration, the additional installment does not generally completely reward them.

  • As an Uber driver, you are required to spend for gas, insurance and upkeep costs with a specific end goal to keep your vehicle in ideal condition. These extra costs can absolutely make a considerable scratch in the week after week wages of an Uber driver.

  • Many Uber drivers truly wish that the organization let them acknowledge money tips. They can truly have the effect with regards to making a good living.

  • The tipping society and Uber drivers

Tipping has been considered as a part of culture that was established long before to financially reward service providers for their highest level of service. It appears to be weird, thus, to numerous Uber drivers that the organization that utilizes them doesn’t permit their drivers to receive the rewards of their own great service.

Like most people, you maybe as of now tip a server who serves you in a restaurant, or your beautician in the salon using Gratzeez tipping app. It just appears to be correct; in this way that you are permitted to offer a money tip to your Uber driver, particularly if you feel the administration you got was excellent.

The drivers themselves are regularly noted for their professional skill and the respectful service they give to their travelers. A tip is just the affirmation of their diligent work and it appears to be correct that a client ought to have the capacity to show their appreciation in a way that is helpful for the driver as a tip through Gratzeez tipping app.

Ideally, the above considerations ought to have helped you to choose whether or not to give tip to Uber driver.

Tragically for some drivers, most travelers don’t tip. Rich is fortunate if he gets one tip each ten rides.

If the above has convinced you regarding the need to tip your driver toward the end of their service then you’ll have to know how best to do it.

  • Tip your Uber driver

If you would like to tip your driver, and trust me they will be thankful, you can do as such in a few ways. The most effortless path is to just convey some money with you. If you have no money, you can use Gratzeez tipping app.

  • Conclusion

Subsequently, with regards to the beforehand specified question, do you tip after an Uber ride? The answer is only a question of individual preference. Just consider that a significant huge number of Uber drivers have chosen to petition the organization to incorporate a tipping function in the application their customers make utilization of.

These drivers assert that the greater part of them depend on this employment as their essential wellspring of pay, and getting money tips can go far in helping them to meet their budgetary commitments. It stays to be perceived how Uber will react to the request of that has seen more than ten thousand people sign.

Until then, should you want to appreciate an Uber driver as far as a money tip, you can do as such on if you desire using Gratzeez tipping app. It’s completely up to you!

You will never go wrong while choosing a mobile payment app after reading this

You will never go wrong while choosing a mobile payment app after reading this

Payments through mobile phones have been rising up in 2016. Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay – vendors have a ton of decision making choices, and client interest for mobile payment choices is rising. In any case, are these apps for tip payment service or any mobile payment frameworks superior to anything making a branded mobile payments platform?

With the late declaration that Apple Pay will bolster merchant reward programs, one of the principle hindrances to dealer adoption appears to have been removed. What’s more, given that Android Pay and Samsung Pay are slated to take off not long from now, retailers can execute mobile payment frameworks that a large number of their clients can utilize – without significant changes to their payment base.

Many retailers are picking building a branded mobile payment application like Gratzeez (one of the best tip payment apps) rather than a third party framework.

This article will take a gander at key business objectives for receiving mobile payment services, and how successfully third party versus branded mobile payment applications can help organizations accomplish these objectives.

  • Quick transaction time

For business-to-consumer organizations, especially in spaces like retail and QSR, mobile payment application can address operational wasteful aspects at checkout. The total impact of numerous clients utilizing a mobile app to pay even for mobile Tip payment service is less exchange time, which prompts more clients being served speedier, which thus helps the main issue.

A branded mobile payment application, then again, permits organizations to fabricate their framework starting with no outside help to coordinate authoritative and branding needs. By using third party mobile payment system companies can gain quick transaction time along with offering a more comfortable way of payments. But they have less branding opportunities thus customers will have to choose from what the third party opens before them.

Gratzeez Tipping App

  • Loyalty Integration

One of the greatest disadvantages of branded mobile payment applications is the incorporation of loyalty projects.

The major mobile wallets available in market made a poor incorporation of trader reliability programs, which presently is a noteworthy barrier to dealer adoption. As Steven Norton of the Wall Street Journal says, “while there is a strong technological infrastructure to enable mobile payments, the same doesn’t exist for easy integration into mobile rewards programs.”

Branded mobile payment applications permit organizations to have reliability and loyalty programs worked in as an essential component from the get-go, and still remain the strongest choice for loyalty integration.

  • Analytics and Customer Intelligence

Following and comprehension purchaser behavior is the establishment of better captivating with clients and giving them what they need. Vendor-oriented mobile payment applications offer the benefits of holding control over client information, recognizing patterns, and acquiring imperative information to enhance associations with the general population who are purchasing your items.

The significance of examination or analytics is as of now understood – the fame of tools like Google Analytics is a demonstration of this. In any case, as more buyers pick mobile to connect with brands, make buys, and avail mobile Tip payment service, your mobile application will turn into the best device for drawing in clients, giving better services, advancing brand backing, and driving more deals.

At last, the best mobile payment app will rely on upon your business destinations. If you basically need to empower your clients to pay on mobile, a third-party stage might be the correct approach. For small organizations simply hoping into the mobile payment space, this is a reasonable choice.

Bigger associations that are worried with joining client engagement, loyalty programs, and an advanced wallet all into one stage may locate a branded, custom mobile payment application that better adjusts to their business objectives.

Will GratZeez be an evolution in the service industry? – An interview with Dr. Raj Patel

Will GratZeez be an evolution in the service industry? – An interview with Dr. Raj Patel

As technology keeps on expanding the pace of our everyday lives, money related exchanges will be compelled to end up more flexible. GratZeeZ could use every detail of such enterprise solution in an undeniably mobile and on-the-go world, by introducing a mobile fintech technology payment app, with simple and instinctive close field innovation capacity that permits you to discover whom you wish to tip, and flawlessly suited for secure exchanges regardless of where you happen to work together that day.

Listen to interview with Dr. Raj Patel, CEO of GratZeez, Inc, (an app for easy tipping on a person to person stage (P2P) that is turning into the best distinct option for tipping without utilizing money, with social respectability where tip has truly gone as an advanced tool) to know how it turned out to be a successful one.

How the idea of tipping via app, “GratZeez” came into mind?

“Tipping has always been a part of every country’s culture. I do travel a lot and travelling to other places definitely requires staying at hotels and I had faced the problem of tipping, where I had only debit cards to exchange money and the person who suffers from that would be, say, the room keeper or the server at the restaurant. This led me to initiate GratZeez, to show gratitude to the person who deserves a tip. Never leave a place without giving gratuity if you have received a good service from them as it is the way of appreciation.”

Gratzeez Tipping App

Is there any possibility of fake users?

It’s completely up to each person whether to reward for the service through our wallets. Giving gratuity is a way of sharing and sharing is always caring, thus, a server in a restaurant or a personal groomer likes hairstylists, or hotel hospitality server or valets who treat your vehicle with care deserve to receive a tip from you. But we ensure the person to be authenticated. We authenticate about the genuine nature of user for a smooth service by comparing the credentials provided to those in the authentication server. If the user is found genuine, he will be granted authorization of access.”

How can it be useful in terms of gratuity tracking?

“Data analytics can be helpful whether it is in the hands of an employee, a business, or the client. For the server who gets gratuities, a combined database of gratuities received and where they originated from can distinguish good working environments, effective strategies, and loyal clients to give that touch of additional consideration and care. Live and instant feedback can be reviewed by the Managers and the quality of service cannot be compromised at any cost. GratZeez can be utilized to find the spots with the best service through the GPS”.

Is GratZeez a beneficial app for business owners?

“Business owners can be more beneficial to know their business insights to improve. For instance, if there is an issue in a particular room in a hotel, the specific details of room including room number can be reviewed about the quality of service. Another component of our app is the opportunity to give a more customized experience to both the tipper and the administration supplier by bringing both together. Both have the alternative to put their names and pictures in the application, so rehash clients will have the capacity to request servers by name. This personalization of the administration business is simply one more way of bringing the cordiality business in future.

What are the other benefits of the tipping app?

“Tips have been a moderately unaltered staple of the administration business all through late history. “Unaltered” does not generally mean flawless, and there are a lot of opportunities to get better with regards to how tips are prepared. One of the main benefits of the Tipping App is to ‘share a note of appreciation’ or a review of their service, whether good or bad. Sharing a note if appreciation will be a boost for their career life or a bad review can be a stepping stone to improve their service. GratZeez proves to be a quite secured app even though it provides an option for sharing the review. The account holder details will never be exchanged in any circumstances without effort from the user. Comfort for the client is the ruler of the logic behind present day mechanical progression, and GratZeeZ grasps it with excitement. Account creation, monetary record interfacing, discovering the server, selecting a tip, and accepting assets are all encouraged through the fast, lightweight application.”

To treat and to greet is just like a give and take policy in the hospitality industry. Never miss any opportunity to show gratuity to a person who served you. It may come to you with more benefits in return.