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Does mobile commerce have high share on spending money?

Does mobile commerce have high share on spending money?

Smart phones and tablets have changed the way shoppers go from identifying to purpose to buy. In the old model, identifying frequently originated from customary advertising channels. Today, cell phones are the center point of an organic procedure that nourishes into all means of the processes. Not just does this facilitate the procedure, profiting both customer and organization, however it likewise gives another level of knowledge into what makes shoppers tick. Mobile phones are not just the means of shopper’s hub, but it can also provide Tip payment service through intended apps.

How this is made possible? Current patterns demonstrate that more than half of spending online has moved to mobile. Indeed, even a decade prior, in the event that you needed to buy something on the web, you’d need to hold up until you could return to your PC, fire up a website, and follow the buy.

The mobile phone additionally fundamentally says something amongst discovery and buy. Examination is a gigantic part of the cell phone’s effect on the shopper procedure. Three out of four shoppers utilize their mobile phones to research items while in store, with 67% of buyers moving between different gadgets when settling on a buy choice. With the mobile phone, everything from competing costs to client reviews to how-to videos are accessible while looking at the item in individual, and this asset has turned into the go-to apparatus of decision or buyers confronting purchasing choices. This is the case of shopping online, whereas tip payment apps likely allow the customers to decide how much tip to be paid for the service without carrying wallet with them.


Building up the right techniques should initially start with having the right setting for how customers are shopping and using mobile tip payment service on their mobile phones today. On account of that, here are 3 things that each advertiser ought to think about the present condition of m-payment and trade:

1)            Which will be best for consumers?

Successfully advancing to the mobile experience requires not just a comprehension of which stage shoppers lean toward, additionally their favored access strategy by stage. Surprisingly, the degree to which advanced buyers depend on applications versus mobile searching in the retail classification varies an awesome arrangement amongst mobile phones and tablets.

Not each retailer has sufficient energy or assets to build up a completely improved affair for each stage. Knowing how shoppers draw in with Retail on their mobile phones and tablets can help marks better organize their endeavors.

2)            Which device will draw high share of M-commerce? Smart phones or tablets?

Amid 2013, cell phone dollars represented $6.7 billion, or 63% of the $10.6 billion in m-trade spending. While considering Tip Payment Apps also, the rate is almost similar. So it is difficult to figure out which is better as smart phones have higher m-trade share but less per device. On a for each client premise, tablets do drive around 20% all the more spending on an average some cases ($57 spending per tablet owner versus $47 per cell phone owner). Thus it’s a better idea to develop a site or an app which is compatible with both devices.

3)            Browsing can vary considerably by different

Retailers and advertisers ought to be watchful not accept that all mobile touchpoints are the same in how shoppers encounter an item class, in light of the fact that cell phones and tablets have altogether different qualities that occasionally yield critical behavioral variations.

Even though in tip payment apps, this cannot be a major issue, the tip provider must not encounter any issue with the app which will leads to non-payment of tips to service provider. So as a survey to check which one better for m-trading, we should definitely conclude that regardless of the device, user must not encounter any issues while online.

“Mobile payment apps are safer than debit cards”, here is the reason…

“Mobile payment apps are safer than debit cards”, here is the reason…

For a few customers, paying at the checkout line turns into a great deal less complex when they can swear off the plastic card and pay with their mobile phones. Mobile payment applications like the Isis Mobile Wallet, Google Wallet, mobile tip payment app GratZeez, Square, and LevelUp transform your phone into source of payment: Just store your information of credit card or debit card on the phone and scan the gadget at checkout. “Consumers like the convenience factor,” says Sarah Jane Hughes, a commercial law professor at Indiana University. Be that as it may, is it true that this new type of mobile payments or tip by phone apps is safe?

Master card or payment app? Think!!!

Around 14 percent of mobile users made a mobile payment in 2012, as indicated by a recent study by the Federal Reserve. As indicated by the study, worries about the security of the innovation were the essential reason respondents gave for not utilizing payment apps. Hughes says one security favorable position to utilizing payment apps is that “your mobile phone regularly stays inside your observable pathway. So dissimilar to the Mastercard that gets moved to the back room, you’re substantially less liable to give individuals a chance to take your mobile phone away.”

mobile tip payment app
mobile tip payment app

Dr. Raj Patel, CEO and founder of GratZeez, a mobile tip payment app says that it is quite safe as they are directed on phones that have GPS, which means the other person can figure out who you are and whether the exchange is a honest to goodness one. There’s a considerable measure of data around the transaction that can really be used to ensure individuals, and that information isn’t accessible with a plastic charge card.

Numerous individuals might be less inclined to attempt mobile payment apps basically in light of the fact that debit or credit cards have been around longer, however that shouldn’t be the situation. “It looks bad to make the contention that in light of the fact that the 16-digit account number has been around longer that its better,” Ben Milne, CEO of Dwolla says. “In any occasion, likely what it means is the framework has more issues. To me, if anything, it has likely more known methods for being misused on the grounds that it’s been around for so long.”

Still, mobile payment apps were not safe from security dangers earlier. Square was hacked in 2011, and also Google Wallet last year.

While tips by mobile apps are generally protected, there are additional precautionary measures you can take.

Tips to guarantee your records are secure when utilizing mobile payment apps:

  1. Have a PIN on your telephone. A secret key to get to your keypad includes an additional layer of insurance, in the occasion your telephone gets stolen.
  2. Utilize an application that issues a quick electronic receipt. That way you can check the measure of cash you spend directly after every buy or tipping
  3. Pick a technique that gives you no less than two-factor verification, for example, a secret key on the mobile and another to get to the payment application.
  4. Take care of statements routinely. Pretty much as you’d adjust a checkbook, make a point to coordinate up your mobile payments with receipts. Anyone who is going to do payment through a mobile phone should give careful consideration to their record.
  5. Report security and issues immediately. Your mobile payment is regularly secured by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, however as far as possible rely on upon how rapidly you report the issue. The initial two days, you’re really very much secured. After that, the risk can go up to many dollars even. Also, if you don’t do it immediately, it can go more than thousands of dollars.
If you miss this, you will surely end up in “paying with cash” next time

If you miss this, you will surely end up in “paying with cash” next time

Everything and anything through mobile….How it sounds like? Yes, definitely this is going or has already proved to be good enough in case of payments without cash.

Are you already going cashless?

Right now, the industry pioneer in these sorts of mobile apps is Google, which has presented Google Wallet. In any case, it is likely that Gratzeez has entered this business sector also. Gratzeez has found to be the one of the best mobile payment tip apps. Have you ever thought why the mobile payment apps are now being used widely everywhere especially in US? It is clearly understood that people are no more comfortable in using cash transfers due to many reasons. If you are a person who says “cash transfer is best”, here are some disadvantages of paying money.

best mobile payment tip app

  1. You’ll miss the comfort of applications that naturally track your spending.

In the event that you utilize an application to help you watch your financial plan and spending, you’ll need to enter money consumptions by hand.

  1. Your buys won’t be secured by extra customer protection from credit card organizations.

Most Visa organizations shield you from extortion and offer guarantees against items that end up being lemons—insurance you won’t enjoy when you pay money.

  1. You can’t get a refund for stolen money.

In the event that somebody takes your card and makes a pack of deceitful buys, the bank will recover your cash the length of you take after its reporting forms. In the event that your money is stolen, however, wave farewell.

  1. Some traders require charge cards.

A few vendors, for example, inns and auto rentals, require a Visa card to secure the administration.

  1. Automatic options of payments might be constrained.

Numerous programmed payment choices are connected to a credit or Mastercard.

  1. Not able to pay tip…no issues give tips by mobile

If you got a service from a restaurant and you may forget to pay a tip or you won’t be able to pay a tip since you don’t have money. This can be a bitter experience. Such situations can be avoided if you have a mobile payment app with you as you will never forget to carry your mobile wherever you go.

You will be now aware of many cons of payment only by cash. But are you aware of the advantages of using payment apps for various reasons?

Here it goes……

1) Security

The technology being utilized to introduce a cashless age can possibly offer security advantages to its clients:

  • It’s easy to close down an advanced wallet remotely if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Your app sign in is yours and yours alone, and in this way difficult to duplicate.

2) Comfort

A cashless framework could be advantageous for clients who like to consolidate different capacities onto one handheld gadget:

  • It wipes out the need to convey money or plastic.
  • Digital payments can be made with a tap or wave of a cell phone, contingent upon the innovation utilized.
  • It would make it less demanding to acquire cash through loan or even from friends.

3) Give tips by mobile

This can be greatest advantage in the hospitality industry. Mobile tip payments apps allow its users to show their gratitude for service through provide tip just a click away on mobile phones. Wow…this sound great, isn’t it? This will be very useful if you don’t carry money with you every time you move out.

4)         Increase rate of tracking clients

Clients like speedy administration, particularly when paying since that is regularly their slightest most loved part of the shopping or restaurants. By using best mobile payment tip app, it is also possible to track clients in your area of service and offer them a good one.

5)         Integrate and build motivation programs.

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing a mobile payment app is the capacity to coordinate dedication and impetus programs into the mobile payment applications.

Why don’t you Try the new way of appreciation?

Why don’t you Try the new way of appreciation?

The payments using mobile are turning out to be more prevalent all through the current market yet they have a particularly significant corner in the hospitality business. Observing the enhanced experience that mobile tip payment app give, clients, as a way of appreciation are reacting with higher tips. The supervisors of many hotels have expanded by 12 percent since the restaurant started offering a choice to give tip through mobile app. Here’s the way mobile innovation reinforces restaurant benefits and fabricates client unwaveringness:

Clients control their own planning and timing

The restaurants with table services are one of public exchanges in which a client must choose the option to sit and hold up until they’re taken note by a service boy. While there are numerous circumstances that may require lining up for service, a restaurant situation offers far less clarity. Regardless of the fact that the client is in a rush to leave, in today’s fast moving world, they can’t pay until they pull in the consideration of their server. Regardless of the possibility that the food was stellar and the environment faultless, a client’s last impression will be the inconvenience of being kept at their table, and their tip may well mirror this experience. The mobile tip payment app let the client pick when to leave, and this little advancement has a major positive effect on the whole feast experience. All things considered 70% of clients say bad payment experience with restaurants can demolish their whole eating experience.


Less stress on waiters or bearers implies better service

Technology of mobile payments likewise implies that servers don’t need to invest energy entering charges and conveying receipts, rolling out improvement and part tabs. Therefore, they  feel less surged and they can put more concentration into welcome and connecting with clients. Higher tipping and better client experience is the normal after effect of this advancement.

No more requirement of math

Toward the end of a long night, clients’ math skills are not at their most honed. Restaurant purpose of payment applications offer programmed tipping decisions, and Today News reports that clients regularly have a tendency to pick one of the average rate alternatives while tipping by means of mobile payment. Clients can’t pay until they enter a tip sum (which can be zero), consequently keeping away from the incidental exclusion of tips. Besides, it also work totally by reducing potential math mistakes (and diminished tips) that frequently spring from a table of companions attempting to ascertain every individual’s different offer.

While these business keeps on extending, and the quantity of mobile wallet exchanges is relied upon to achieve 195 billion by 2019, these new payment strategies as a way of appreciation are additionally still a curiosity but will surely master hospitality industry. CBC reports that one driver of the pattern toward higher tips is the sheer fun variable; client faithfulness reward programs, request ahead choices, and a responsive interface convey new shimmer to the whole exchange.

Hereafter provide exact tip to your restaurant waiter, cab driver or hair stylist

Hereafter provide exact tip to your restaurant waiter, cab driver or hair stylist

If you don’t have a habit of giving a note of money into your waiter’s hand, the chances to reach money to the waiter would be very less. Are you surprised?

As indicated in a review by the Caterer, the hospitality industry trade magazine, the normal sum in tips that front-of-house restaurant staff take home toward the end of shift is 25.81 US Dollars.

This will undoubtedly stun numerous coffee shops that have left fundamentally more on the table after their last supper out – yet the tipping frameworks set up at most US restaurants can be complex.

What does a tip or gratuity means?

As a beginning, do you know what exactly a tip is? As indicated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which drew up the deliberate code on tips, coffee shops are frequently confounded by the distinction between service charges, gratuities, tips. A service charge, as per the code, is a sum added to your bill before it is given to you and is quite often in view of a rate of the bill. In the event that it is “optional” that you are allowed to make the payment or not.

A gratuity, or tip, is a willful payment or a voluntary payment given far beyond the measure of the bill (and, trust it or not, any service charge) as a reward for intended person from you to waiting staff.

Normally, tips are left in real money, whereas gratuities are payments made electronically through a card terminal. The less seen fee cover charge is a settled charge for every client that is typically compulsory. Those charges must be expressed on taxes or, on account of restaurants, menus.

If you need to ensure that your server is getting each penny of that well deserved money provided by you there are steps you can take.

GratZeez mobile Tip App

Use GratZeez mobile tip payment app which ensures a flawless transfer of money from your account to service provider account through a simple mobile app.

Bill of rights

You can request service charge to be expelled from a bill and pay a different tip in real money to the waiter.


Pay all tips

Including any service charge added to your bill – in real money. In principle, one of two things will then happen: either your server will take the cash specifically or, if there is a pooled-tips framework set up, such tips ought to be gathered and conveyed by the “troncmaster”, an assigned non-management worker. In this manner, administration doesn’t have the capacity to intercede to impose any “administration charge”.

How much should you pay?

The vast majority of us know it is suitable to tip a server 10% or more at a restaurant yet it’s not generally clear where to tip somewhere else – or how much. Here are the exact and deserving amounts to be paid to the service provider even though tipping is merely your choice.

At the bar

You are not expected to tip with cash for beverages in pubs. If the barman gives particularly great service or takes care of enormous requests for you, it is acknowledged to “purchase one for yourself” or something comparable. You are not anticipated that would tip for food in bars but rather, with the development of gastropubs, this has turned into a grey area.

Your cab driver

About 10% of the total fare is common for authorized, metered taxis. Minicabs and rural taxis ordinarily charge a pre-agreed fare and many individuals don’t add an extra tip.

At a hotel

Smarter hotels will ask for a normal tip. Give a small tip to bellboys or doormen if they take your packs to your room. Room boys ought to be tipped after checking out in the event that they have assisted with taxis or baggage.

At the salon

Stylists expect a tip of around 10% and juniors may be given $1-$2 per client.