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Useful tips for tipping in USA by Mobile Tipping App | GratZeez

Useful tips for tipping in USA by Mobile Tipping App | GratZeez

One of the imperative factors to remember is strong tipping culture in USA. You should take tipping in your account when you set up your budget for US trip. It’s a reality of life over here. But there is also some space to think that is it really needed to give a tip or not? And that’s depends on your satisfaction.

“Give a tip to anyone is not required, but it’s an appreciation for them to provide that better services..!”

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Every time you don’t have a plenty of cash in your wallet or purse to “TIPPING” someone, but as current days of digital life we have many ways like specific mobile tipping apps or inbuilt tip option of any services provider’s app and many more.

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Hire and Give Tip to House Painters wisely for Beautifying your Home

Hire and Give Tip to House Painters wisely for Beautifying your Home

There are many controversies on finding a right painter for your house and even tipping them if they deliver a good service or not. Even though tipping is accepted for some professions like restaurants and hotels, there exists a dilemma regarding this. i.e., should we give tip to house painter or not? So, let’s break this dilemma and find a solution regarding tipping a painter.  Tipping is an appreciation and a way to show gratitude for their time spent with us and for their good service. In order to receive a good service, it is quite important that we need to find a good painter.

Look at these important points to select a good painter for your house next time and to tip them.

  • Think about 2 or more contractors

It will be better to compare 2 or more contractors before you end up in one painting contractor. Browsing internet helps in finding more contractors and only thing to be noted is that don’t choose any one if they estimate a too good deal. Just check their time limit and quality by reviewing with others.
Tipping to Painter

  • Check License and Insurance

Contracting a painter without legal procedures may not be accurate for your needs. Vast scale temporary workers ought to have the capacity to give a declaration of insurance and any vital bonding, safety measures for workers. Tipping in USA has made easy with the launch of mobile payment apps that can be done with cashless transactions.

  • Check the reviews

Anyone can make up a fan club. Simply ask Twitter. Call references and check records with the business bureau before deciding a contractor.

  • Note down everything

Everyone will make you convinced about their good service. But it is important for you to get a written agreement about the work before starting. You and your temporary worker ought to draw up a composed contract including:

  • Details on planning and cleanup;
  • What is to be painted in what hues;
  • Start and end dates;
  • Daily begin and complete circumstances;
  • Any relevant guarantee;
  • When, how and how much the contractual worker will be paid.

Along with this you must have clear mindset regarding their tipping for good service too.

Do you tip your house painter?

Now that you have chosen a right house painter for your house. Isn’t it? Tipping in USA is as quite important as finding a right service provider. Let’s check when and how to tip a painter.

Sometimes workers will calculate cash assigned as tip for their painters into the general bill. In these cases, it’s not important to tip the painters. However, in the event that you want to be additional liberal, you may require a few rules on tipping your painters.

    • You might need to tip a painter for making a fabulous work or for painting the room faster. Painters help you by making your home more bright and engaging. If they have done the painting well without any splashes, then it’s reasonable for you to Give Tip to House Painter.

    • Usual rule is to offer 15% to 20% of the total occupation cost. This is standard over all jobs and is valid for painters too. In case you’re just going to tip very less, you should not tip by any means, as you may wind up in insulting the painter.

  • Another reason for tipping is to ensure the painters are comfortable while working. You can give them snacks and fruits for the day.


Complexities with Tipping

Even though, tipping a service provider is a good deed, some contractors will be against tipping their workers. So it is better for you to inquire as to whether it’s alright to tip them before they reject while offering the tip.

Have a better day with your house painted and never leave your service provider without appreciating.

Top 4 Tips you Must Know in Tipping a Taxi Driver in 2017

Top 4 Tips you Must Know in Tipping a Taxi Driver in 2017

Are you searching to know the tipping trends of 2017 to tip a taxi driver? If yes, then you are at the right place. The accurate amount of tipping varies from city to city and country to country, other circumstances and how far the he drove for you. Anyhow tipping to taxi driver can be a 15% of the general fare which can be fair. If the bill is under $15, don’t hesitate to give a 10% tip. Include an additional $1-2 if the driver helps you to meet your requirements.

Tipping to taxi driver

  • Get the fare first

At the point when the trip is over, the driver will disclose to you the amount you must pay. Ascertain the tip as a rate of this admission or round off to closest $5 or $10 charge increment.

In the event that the driver made a remarkable job with regards to, consider tipping at least 20%. Maybe you had an incredible discussion, or he gave you valuable guidance about touring in the city, or he strived to get you to your business meeting on time in spite of a heavy traffic.

  • Did he help with your baggage?

Include $1 per bag in the event that you have five bags or less. Tip $2 through the best mobile wallet app per bag in the event that you have more than 5 bags, or if your bags are heavy. Keep in mind that these are not compulsory standards – these are rules and recent trends and following these can b extremely beneficial if you move out of your country.
ramu- 7

  • How was the quality of ride?

Check the nature and quality of the ride. Measure factors like the driver’s information of the place, the speed of his ride, and his general manners. These records are completely subjective – so take after your gut and change your tips on a case-by-case premise. Based on the quality you can decide the amount of tip to be given to the driver through the best mobile wallet app.

Tip 20% or higher if this was one of the better taxicab rides you’ve ever had. Perhaps you had an awesome discussion with the cabbie, and he gave you some intriguing thoughts for tripping the place; possibly he helped you carry your bags to the doorstep.

  • Have you checked the speed of ride?

A driver ought to take the best route to get you to your goal on time. In the event that the ride took longer than imagined, however there was more traffic on road, it likely wasn’t the driver’s blame. Nonetheless, watch out for drivers who purposefully drive slowly.

Ask yourself whether your driver went the additional mile. If the taxi driver doesn’t offer to assist with your things, don’t feel obliged to tip any more than normal. In the event that he goes well beyond to get you to your destination, or if he gives you valuable tips about nearby places to visit, he must earn a higher tip than the normal cabbie.

Know the Qualities before you Give Tip to Plumber

Know the Qualities before you Give Tip to Plumber

Are you searching for a good plumber for your house work or any official work? Procuring the correct ones is one of hardest jobs that you must encounter. It’s important to limit the number of candidates through characterizing key qualities to ask from them. The same goes for procuring plumbers. If you know the qualities of a good plumber, then your selection will be quite easy and as if the plumber has done your job with utmost satisfaction, you must give tip to plumber. The following are key qualities that every single extraordinary handyman must share.

There are a few qualities that every single plumber must have. It’s important for those searching for plumbers to recognize what these traits are. Here are some of the qualities of a good plumber.

  • Plumbers must be certified

Plumbers are required to meet certain required and pass through a few tests before they can get hold of a license. This would guarantee they are quit skilled and sufficiently proficient to manage plumbing issues. Even if they are certified, tipping your plumber through the best mobile tip payment apps must be decided based on their quality of work.
Tipping to Plumber

  • Plumbers must be mechanically inclined

Along with using analytical mind to resolve plumbing issues, every experienced plumber can understand the system mechanics they are resoling for. Understanding the fundamental mechanics of what makes the water valve work, what kind of tubing is most appropriate for specific applications, and so forth are some of numerous parts of mechanics and specialized ideas to do in plumbing. Appreciate and give tip to plumber generously and know the right etiquette of tipping through their work.

  • Plumbers must be experienced

Experience is likewise another vital variable with regards to procuring plumber. The experienced plumbers can easily resolve any issues at your home or office. Thus it will be better if you choose a plumber after knowing their experience level than choosing a newbie.

  • Plumbers must follow safety practices

It is important to follow safety practices and plumbing issues will dependably be taken care of with good plumber that utilizes safe practices.

  • Plumbers must be punctual

If your plumber is punctual, it is quite worth appreciating him by tipping through the best mobile tip payment apps. Their punctuality is related with their work state of mind and influences the nature of client service.

  • Plumbers must be dedicated

For any work, dedication can leads to success. A job that is done without dedication will never be a quality one. Plumber should be committed to the clients and the nature of their work. Genuine commitment to work and constancy is the best way to pick up appreciation.

  • Plumbers must have coordination skills

Frequently, plumbers will work in little spaces, and might be required to utilize more equipment, while arranging their way in new and cramped spaces. To carry out their employment adequately, they would in this manner require great coordination abilities.

Recent and Best Trends in Tipping to House Cleaner by Tip Payment App

Recent and Best Trends in Tipping to House Cleaner by Tip Payment App

Nowadays people are more addicted to their work and some even forget about cleaning or they have no time to do so. This has brought the house cleaning services department to provide cutting edge facilities and services to work at customers’ convenient time. The overall impression of any hospitality services is based on the cleanliness they provide. The housekeeping department decides if visitors are comfortable amid their stay and whether they will wish to return in a hotel and same is the case in cleaning the house, the customers pay for the extent of freshness they felt for. Since the digital era is an ongoing trend, paying and tipping the best service provider have also been common. But most individuals are not aware of tipping to house cleaner or the amount they must tip.

  • Is there any rule to tip house cleaning services?

Contracting an expert housecleaning services can be a daunting challenge some of the time. It can be awkward to make sense of the amount to tip an expert housecleaner. Even though most housecleaners charge by the hour for the employment, tipping to house cleaner is something different which you appreciate for their excellent work and time. Is there any hard rule to tip? No. A few agencies and people skip tips.
Tip to housekeeping

  • How much you should pay by mobile App?

If you choose somebody straightforwardly for a one time or rare cleaning, most etiquette experts say you ought to tip. $10 to $20 per cleaning and since the digital era is dominating the world, even tipping can be done using mobile apps with an ease.

If you have a home cleaner permanently, you don’t need to tip each tip. Rather, you can give bonus or a gift toward the year end as a token of gratitude. This is a good approach to demonstrate your gratefulness and make the housecleaner like his or her administration. Once more, it is dependably up to you whether you need to give some money or gift to the cleaning specialist or not.

  • Tipping based on UBER model

Some organizations say that they don’t require any tip as they adopt the strategy of ensuring home cleaners profit every hour. This enables home cleaners to feel convinced that they will bring home the enough wage. It permits customers keep away from awkward connections and mishandling for money. But if you really wish to pay by mobile App other than the hourly fees, it is up to you.

  • Gratefulness other than money

Some owners like to give the housecleaner with some gifts other than money. Some individuals give baked cookies or a nice bottle of wine. In the event that you know your cleaning specialist truly well, you can pick a gift in light of his own taste as well. Tickets to an amusement stop or occasion are pleasant in light of the fact that they help the home cleaner spend too much on a fun occasion for themselves. A written by hand card to say thanks is likewise a modest approach to demonstrate your appreciation.

So, are you convinced with your home cleaner and his service? Yes, the best and excellent service must be appreciated.